Frequently Asked Questions at Bar Harbor Bike

What’s that Bike called?

  • A Penny-farthing! It comes from the British Penny and Farthing Coins, one much larger than the other, so that the side view resembles a penny leading a farthing.

How do I get to the park from your shop?

  • Most of our clients ride there from here! It’s around a mile and a quarter of a residential road and then a narrow, bike-specific path. While it is up a hill, it’s not much harder than the carriage roads, and the climb only lasts about half a mile, so you could always walk it.

Are there hills?

  • Yes, our mountains are part of why we’re a national park! Trails with less frequency of hills can be highlighted on your map by our staff upon registration.

What’s the best way to get to your shop?

  • We would encourage you to walk to the shop or take the free local bus, the Island Explorer, into town.

Where do we park?

    • Our shop, like most others in Bar Harbor, will not be able to provide parking. Parking is now metered throughout town. For more information, call Bar Harbor Parking at (207) 288-1773

Do we need our Park Pass?

  • A park pass is required to use any of the park. If you haven’t purchased a car pass, then bicycle passes are available for purchase in the park and at the Village Green Information Desk, in the center of town. The money from these passes goes directly to maintaining and improving Acadia’s public trails and facilities.

Where do we eat?

  • The only restaurant able to operate in Acadia National Park is the Jordan Pond House. JPH is a large, sit-down restaurant that overlooks Jordan Pond and is known for it’s popovers. It can be reached through the carriage roads, and we recommend calling to make a reservation at 207-276-3781. Additionally, the small towns surrounding the park offer food, and we are just down the street from dozens of great restaurants.

Should we bring supplies?

  • Its a good idea to be prepared. We suggest bringing snacks (to picnic) and water, water, water. We also sell water, Gatorade, and snacks such as Cliff bars.

Do I have to choose a half-day or a full day?

  • No, you pay for the rental upon return, so you’ll be charged depending on when that is. We offer multi-day rentals, and have a discounted price if you keep the bikes for 5+ days in a row. Our rental rates are here.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

  • We highly suggest it. The State of Maine requires anyone operating or riding a bike to wear helmets if they’re under the age of 16. Above that, it’s your call.

Where are the Bathrooms in the park?

  • Every parking area has compost toilets. The National Park Visitor Center, Park Headquarters, and Jordan Pond House have restrooms.

Where do we get water in the park?

  • Besides the Pondhouse, there’s no place to purchase food. But good news, we sell water and water bottles. You can hydrate and bring home a souvenir at the same time!

What do we do if we get a flat tire?

  • Give us a call. We put the phone number on the bike, the maps, and the invoice for your convenience. Please pay attention to where you are in the park to help us find you.

What do we do if we get back after you close?

  • Check-in time is half an hour before close. After that, we recommend keeping the bike overnight and using it a little more, because the bikes can be returned first thing in the morning for a $10 overnight fee per bike. There is no after hour drop off, and you are responsible for safe return of the rental.

How late does the Island Explorer run?

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