What’s that Bike called?


How do I get to the park from your shop?

  • Most of our Clients ride. It is a mile and a quarter of residential roads. It is up a hill, but not harder than the carriage roads


Are there hills?

  • Yes, that is why its a national park, lower elevated trails can be highlighted by our staff upon registration.


What’s the best way to get to your shop?

  • We would encourage you to walk to the shop or, take the island explorer into town.


Where do we park?

  • Parking is on the street and very limited


Do we need our Park Pass?

  • A park pass is required to use any of the park.


Where do we eat?

  • The only place to eat in the park is the Jordan Pond House. With a short detour, the small towns surrounding the park offer food (Seal Harbor, Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor)


Should we bring supplies?

  • Its a good Idea to be prepared. We suggest Snacks (or picnic) and Water Water Water.


At what age does a deer become a moose?

  • Just beyond Puberty


Do I have to wear a helmet?

  • We highly suggest it. But over 16, its not law…


Where are the Bathrooms in the park?

  • Every parking area has compost toilets, Park visitor center, Park Headquarters, and Jordan Pond house have restrooms


Where do we get water?

  • We sell water and water bottles. You can hydrate and bring home a souvenir at the same time.


What do we do if we get a flat tire?

  • Give us a call. We put the phone number on the bike, the maps, the invoice for your convenience.


What do we do if we get back after you close?

  • Check in time is half an hour before close, after that, we recommend keeping the bike overnight and using it to get around. We offer a $5 overnight fee, and the bikes can be returned first thing in the morning.


How late does the Island Explorer run?